Loulz launches its first multi-brand concept store in Dubai

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  • Loulz Launch

  • Nesrine Diaa

  • Nourhan El Demerdash, Lorate Hamzeh, Nessma Zaghloul, Balsam Al Khalil

  • Rasha Saar, Nessma Zaghloul

  • Sarah Abdallah, Nessma Zaghloul

  • Shery El Shinawy

Loulz, a multi-brand concept store, has introduced an array of high-quality, edgy, and independent fashion brands from around the world for the first time to the UAE.

More than 14 designers, some of which have participated in various “Fashion weeks” around the world, are showcasing their collections at Loulz.

Most pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories are hand-made and cannot be recreated, making the owner of that piece truly lucky to be able to snag something so special and one of a kind.

All labels are exclusive to Loulz and the designers showcased at are:

  • YVY
  • Barbara Gongini
  • Minnoji
  • Ayaka Nishi
  • Chie Mihara
  • Dirty Hands Jewlery
  • Suniq
  • 7th Chic Avenue
  • Sketch N Style
  • Irma Butik
  • Goran Horal
  • Underwearables
  • Triptych Artisanal Footwear
  • Gizem Yazgan

Each item at Loulz is individually hand-picked to be part of a special story told by the collections.