Long Yin, Le Meridian – Garhoud

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My family and I have a particular affinity for Chinese cuisine, especially one that has a Cantonese and Schezwan twist to it. We recently visited the Long Yin restaurant at the Le Meridien in Garhoud to satisfy our cravings and it was probably one of the most authentic meals we’ve had that combined flavours and textures in the best way with an emphasis on dim sums. What we realised was the their flavours were very distinct and unique.

Personally for me, the interiors and ambience of a restaurant matter as much as the quality of the food and the Long Yin did not fail to impress on any of those accounts. As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you are greeted by the statue of a smiling Buddha. Shades of grey, blue and green have been used for the interiors with dark wood panelling on the ceilings. The wooden floors and dim lighting add an element of calmness to the overall feel of the place.

On entering the restaurant, my husband, kids and I were greeted warmly by the staff and Kiran, who was our guide and server for the night as he directed us to our table. The seating area was a bit different with big chairs and a family couch made the dining experience more comfortable. Right from the beginning, the service was great. We were welcomed with fresh juices of a wide variety ranging from orange to lime mint. The menu was extensive and we found ourselves a bit confused when it came to making a choice! But luckily, Chef George and Kiran were both very helpful and gave us their suggestions and made sure that we were always taken care of.

We started with the hot and sour chicken soup, which was delicious. There were around 34 options in the dim sum menu (now you see why we were so confused!). But, on the chef’s suggestion we decided to go with the prawn wasabi and sio mai chicken and prawns and ordered the fried chicken wonton for my son (incidentally, that dish is called Tweety bird in the kids menu). No wonder this place is known for its dim sum.

When it came to the main course, we decided to go with the chicken fried rice, fresh hammour with chilli and garlic sauce, deep fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce, which the kids absolutely loved! My husband wanted to try something vegetarian for a change and so we ordered the schezwan styled sautéed baby eggplant cooked in schezwan sauce and it was tempting to someone like me, who is NOT a vegetarian!

We were specifically asked to try the Chef’s special, which was a Mongolian style wok fried tenderloin beef and I have to say it was perfect for folks like me who loves spicy food. In addition to this extensive menu, they also had the option of selecting the ‘catch of the day’ wherein you get to pick from the live fish tank and then have it cooked as per your preference. If you happen to be one of those people who are trying to watch your calories and are on a diet, they have plenty of healthy choices as well.

After all this, we moved onto the dessert and tried toffee banana served with vanilla ice-cream which kind of made me wish that we had gone easier on the dinner. The bananas were fried in flour, tossed in caramel and then seasoned with sesame seeds, making them crispy and lip smackingly delicious.

Overall, our experience at the Long Yin was amazing and I would highly recommend the restaurant for any occasion; be it a family dinner or a romantic night out.

By Sreena Biju