Livin’ Busy Lovin It – Silvena Rowe

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A busy career leaves little time for cultivating an effective beauty regimen. These women
have the most erratic working hours and don many roles in their lives, but that never comes
in their way of indulging in some me-time. We find out how these powerful personalities
keep the balance in their lives

Silvena Rowe


For 50-year-old Silvena, being a chef has been a passion and a career for over 25 years. “I thrive on my greed for delicious, beautiful and satisfying food,” she says. Starting her day at 7am, Silvena doesn’t take a single day off. “I’ve opened five restaurants in the past year so I can’t afford to take time off, at least till they are all strong and well established,” she adds. She fits a workout into the beginning of her day in the form of a brisk walk, barefoot, on the beach. This is also when she takes time to herself to de-stress and gather her wits for the busy day ahead. “I love walking by the sea and listening to the waves crash on the shore.”

“Post the workout, I start my rounds and visit all the Omnia branches. They are all unique concepts and open at different times of the day.” A one hour nap is something Silvena tries to squeeze in during the afternoon, after which she heads back to her restaurants and stays there many hours past closing time.

For Silvena, offering consistent high quality food across all her branches is something she struggles with. “The restaurants have developed a name for themselves so I have to maintain the standard,” she says, “Also, I like interacting with the customers and this requires that I juggle my time between the locations so my presence is felt.

Through all of this hustle and bustle, Silvena has realized the importance of eating clean food, which helps her stay healthy and look beautiful. “The best beauty advice I was given was to try to get as much sleep as possible,” she says, “There are also certain super foods that I have experimented with and found that they are incredible with improving skin tone, hair condition and have other benefits. For example, baobab is a fruit that, in its organic form, supports the immune system, boosts collagen in the skin and has youth promoting qualities. I love combining super foods with my daily intake of food. To me, they are vital for rejuvenation and age reversal as well as being full of antioxidants. I also avoid gluten, sugar and dairy.” With regards to beauty products Silvena favours Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and the Orchidee Imperiale range from Guerlain. “I’m also in love with the Lancome eye liner, I can’t live without it,” she adds.

Calling Lady Diana her ultimate beauty hero, Silvena wishes she had started looking after her skin at an earlier age. “But better late than never!” says Silvena, “I think the secret to maintaining a beauty regime while dealing with a hectic schedule is to avoid stress and eat clean. I firmly believe that we are what we eat.” As for the one beauty treatment Silvena considers to be her favourite? “A hand massage!”