Livin’ Busy Lovin It – Mariam Hakim

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A busy career leaves little time for cultivating an effective beauty regimen. These women have the most erratic working hours and don many roles in their lives, but that never comes in their way of indulging in some me-time. We find out how these powerful personalities keep the balance in their lives

Mariam Hakim

Radio Jockey

Maraim ‘Maz’ Hakim is a presenter with Virgin Radio in Dubai and has a show called ‘Non stop hits with Maz’. Her day starts in full throttle by researching and learning on what’s trending on social media, the latest in the celebrity world and what songs everyone is voting for. She then goes into work and meets with her co-host Myles at about 6pm to discuss the flow of the show for the day. It’s a show that moves in real time so anything can change at any time, hence they can’t be too over prepared. All this is a huge responsibility, as she needs to watch every word she speaks as she is in live time. Moreover, it’s a social media based show where they need to be constantly updated on news that involve songs, social media, celebrity news or viral stories. The stories need to be constantly vetted which is the challenging part of her day. Her day then ends late in the evening with just enough time for herself.

Maz keeps all the mayhem in place by meditating. “I’m all about being Zen. I try and meditate for at least 10 minutes a night. It really helps you focus on what’s important. It also keeps your chakras aligned and lets you keep your priorities clear”, she says.

One would imagine, that with a hectic schedule, Maz would hardly get any time to herself. But that’s far from the case. Maz is on top of maintaining a beauty regime by keeping herself hydrated throughout the day. Her favourite sunscreen and coconut water help her get that glow.

“I like to keep things fairly basic when it comes to beauty regimes. I believe in the basics first which consists of a relaxed lifestyle, getting enough sleep, exercising, eating the right food, surrounding yourself with positive people and of course being happy. Nothing makes you shine more than a happy healthy lifestyle. Along with the right lifestyle, I exfoliate my face in the morning and use a moisturizer with an SPF in there to protect my skin from the sun. Additionally, I also use a natural face mask once a week – banana and honey works the best!” Maz shares.

So would she support cosmetic procedures? “I personally don’t support cosmetic procedures but I would not judge anyone who does! To each their own. If a cosmetic procedure will help someone gain more confidence and make them happier then they should go for it.”

Maz loves getting facials when its time for some indulgence. She feels it makes you feel special. NARS, Armani, Sephora, Makeup forever and Neutrogena are some of her favourite brands and she looks up to Miranda Kerr and Angelina Jolie for the great balance they maintain in their individual lives. So, what’s the best beauty advice given? “When I was living at home, every morning my mother would make me have lemon in warm water. This is the perfect start to your morning – it’s full of antioxidants which will make your skin glow and will help with acne and blackheads. Lemon is also great for your hair and your immunity!”