Livin’ Busy Lovin It – Lana Webb

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A busy career leaves little time for cultivating an effective beauty regimen. These women have the most erratic working hours and don many roles in their lives, but that never comes in their way of indulging in some me-time. We find out how these powerful personalities keep the balance in their lives

Lana Webb

Accidents and Emergencies Unit Manager

Unpredictable is the word best to describe a day in the life of Lana Webb,Unit Manager for the Accidents and Emergencies department at the Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai. She starts work at 6:50am, which ranges from completing administrative tasks, attending meetings, to responding to a medical emergency the next. She then meets with her staff and discusses any interesting cases they may have dealt with. After which she spends time talking to patients and their relatives. A lot of her role is coordinating with other departments within the hospital for any possible admissions to the wards/ Intensive care unit operating theatres. This also incorporates working with the Radiology/ Laboratory department. She is also available for patients and relatives who wish to share their experience within the department. Before finishing up for the day, she plans the next 24hrs ensuring the department would remain operational and covered.

Not knowing what may happen next is the biggest challenge she faces. “In the Emergency department setting you can plan your day and have everything sorted and literally five minutes later the whole plan can be turned upside down”, she says. Being able to think and adapt quickly to meet the demands of the situation is the key.It is the part of the job she enjoys the most, she shares.

But even with an erratic schedule, she indulges in me-time. “I love going to the hairdressers! Having lived in Dubai and greater UAE for almost nine years, I have finally found a salon that suits me. I guess it’s the idea of being pampered and trying new styles/ colors that distracts me from the dayto- day daily stress that can build up”. Lana’s most indulged beauty treat is spa treatments. “The treatments include full body massages, facials, aromatherapy, hair treatments and manicure pedicures. This would definitely be a beauty treat for me as it doesn’t happen very often!” she says.Another decent distraction would be planning holidays she adds.

Any beauty woes? “With the lovely yet sometimes extremely harsh weather in this part of the world, my skin can become quite oily and temperamental” Her beauty regime consists of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. With an early start to her day, time is precious. She uses a moisturizer that her grandmother used all her life. She remembers her skin looking fresh and radiant at all times. Kate Middleton and Charlize Theron are her favourite style icons whom she finds incredibly unique individually. When asked to select her top five beauty products she chose Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Maxfactor, Nivea and Olay.

Photograph by: Khan