Livin’ Busy Lovin It – Adriana Usvat

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A busy career leaves little time for cultivating an effective beauty regimen. These women have the most erratic working hours and don many roles in their lives, but that never comes in their way of indulging in some me-time. We find out how these powerful personalities keep the balance in their lives

Adriana Usvat

Events and Model Coordinator

For Adriana Usvat, work starts in full swing when she hits the office. Her day involves internal review, updates and client meetings. If the latter of the day allows, then she makes time for fitness trainings, friends and books. Adriana is the managing partner of FLC models and event management. Working in this field for over 15 years now, she always wanted to work for herself on her own terms. She is passionate about her work and independent. Adriana loves the excitement of working for various brands.

On the weekends, Adriana will spend the day at the beach paddle boarding. “It’s the most quiet and peaceful time of the day and possibly the only time my mobiles are not within reach!” she says. Dinners, barbeques with friends, yoga, reading and dancing are other activities when time permits. Being in the business of media and PR, she deals with a packed schedule but her beauty regime never suffers. She keeps herself hydrated by drinking enough water, washing her face twice daily, moisturizes in the morning and night and wears SPF sunscreen along with the occasional mask treatment at the spa. “Simplicity and knowing what works best for your skin is imperative”, she says.

So is there any one personality or celebrity she admires? “I cannot name one in particular however I will summarize by saying I truly love and respect the business ladies out there making a difference and staying humble at the same time.” But she does admire her beauty heroes which are the Bioderma white moussant, Natura Bisse diamond moisturiser, Natura Bisse diamond white SPF 50, Trish Mc Evoy lash curling mascara and shares that one will always find a lip gloss, moisturizer and her favourite sunscreen in her bag at all times.

Adriana seems to have her regimen with this crazy roster in place, but in the world of glamour she is a part of, how far do people take themselves to look a certain way? “ I believe this is a very individual choice and everyone has a right to choose what they want to do, provided they have done their research and understood the risks or expected outcomes of their chosen procedures”, she says. However, she believes that a good laugh with friends and being happy can take years off your real age. For Adriana age is just a number.