Lina Brax

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“Iwant the woman who wears my handbags to feel proud and happy. I do not want her to wonder if she has chosen the right accessory to go with her attire. I want her to feel natural because that itself is a luxury,” comments Lina Brax when asked to describe who she would like to see carrying her bags. With a core objective to design everyday use bags not forgetting the essential admiration quotient, Lina infuses her designs with her Parisian and Beirut influences to create works of art.

“It began with a desire to carry a python bag. So, I bought python skin and found a factory that created a bag of it. It was then that I realised that my desire for creation was always a part of me,” she reminisces. When asked what inspires her designs, she simply answers, “everyday life.” “I absorb from what’s around me and keep an open, welcoming perception. This guides and inspires me to take in what I see, observe and emulate life through my designs,” Lina points. “Often I take ideas from mundane things, as a baby cushion or feathers. I remember working out my wood wings collection from a photo shoot I saw in a fashion magazine and it instantly generated my interest in developing an entire range of handbags with feathers,” moreover she believes that there is something frivolously fun about them.

Making a decision on the quality and material of the handbag becomes the decisive factor in terms of the end cost of the bag and its look. Lina believes that it further defines the personality of her brand. She remembers, “I started with leather all the way inside out. The full grain leather attracts me. It is the highest quality of
leather,which shows natural scrapes and marks.” “However, as a designer you like to explore using a variety, and recently, I was driven by a fabric from Italy that is 100 per cent washable. I started using it on the Jumbo design and the new Mini Lovely, even though the inside of the bag is made from leather. You will never see Lina Brax- brand using synthetic material or false leather,” she asserted.

According to her, a variety in the shapes of handbags mplores interest. “There are many shapes as tote, hobo, satchel, clutch, shoulder and baguette. I have started with the shoulder bag and I choose to make different sizes in them,” Lina tells. “Some shapes in bagsare time bound and stay in trend for a while, while others can last more than a season,” she assures. “The shoulder bag I am producing is the most classic shape and it defines the spirit of my brand thatcan last a lifetime,” Lina smiles with confidence.

Being a designer with simplicity at her core, Lina explains, “The design process is not as complicated as the stage of ideating the concept for the line of bags. It can vary from between a week to a month. But, I am cautious of the time I take to arrive at the concept and try to expedite the process in spite of it being a creative process. I then sketch it and make a sample. By working out the sample, I feel assured that about 70 percent of the job is done. It’s then just a matter of resizing, redefining and rearticulating details on the design, she maps out the design process.