Level Shoes Shines A Spotlight On New Brand Josefinas

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Portuguese brand Josefinas was born from a dream. Founder Filipa Júlio named it so after her grandmother, Josefina, who inspired her with her adventurous spirit and lifestyle. An architect by trade Júlio looked to her dance roots for inspiration when creating and designing her first style – a classic ballet flat with creative and unique twists.

At the time of launching the savoir flair of craftsmen and the passion for an idea was a key part of Portuguese culture and even to this day the brand honours its home country’s long history of footwear craftsmanship. All the shoes are individually handmade by artisans who have a true passion for their work. Everything from the sneakers to the boxes they are packaged are made by hand which is a true showcase of Josefinas devotion to its craft.

Júlio states that her key inspirations are her personal adventures and women, priding itself on the fact that’s it’s a lady-powered brand who looks to icons like 1960s model Twiggy and screen star Grace Kelly for inspiration. The label’s signature B side sneakers which feature bold faux fur accessories have been seen on bloggers all over the world. The low-top design named after the movie character Louise from cult-film Thelma and Louise was inspired by the protagonists’ journey into true friendship that helped them discover their true selves.