Level Shoes Debuts a Shoreline Themed Nupie Pop Up

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  • Nupie Pop Up - Level Shoes

  • Nupie Pop Up @ Level Shoes

Level Shoes Debuts a Shoreline Themed Nupie Pop Up Featuring the SS’16 Collection of Sandals

In anticipation of the summer months ahead, Level Shoes launches the Nupié pop-up featuring the latest SS’16 collection of leather and ribbon wrap sandals.

Designed by Lorine Driot, who founded the brand after a visit to South America, the styles take inspiration from the “travel life”. This season’s styles comprise multiple themes such as Beach, Night, Ethnic and Unique, where the Beach styles include plain and pattern ties such as fluorescent geometric patterns, Ikkat and tie-dye.

The Night styles include a black leather sole with a more elegant tie, perfect for a toned down evening look.

For the Unique styles, many ankle ties are produced with vintage Indian Sari fabrics, vintage crocheted ribbons found in flea market, Hmong vintage cloth from Asia and Brazilian bracelets elongated to become ankle ties as well as vintage scarves.

As for the Ethnic variety, Nupié employs many fair-trade craftsmen worldwide incorporating Guatemalan weaving, handmade craftsmanship by the Karen tribe in Thailand, Indian embroidery from the Thar Desert as well as Otomi-style hand embroidered in by some of the indigenous tribes in Mexico.

The collection of Italian made soles features fabrics sourced from the four corners of the globes such as Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Thailand and parts of Africa, where the designer herself scoured flea markets in search for the perfect material.

The styles have become known for their versatility and uniqueness, as they allow the wearer to tie and style the sandal in a variety of ways. The brand also produces in limited quantities, ensuring the highest quality for each and every style.