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Dare to tan in the shower!

Sometimes discouraged by the application method and time that self-tanners may require, some women complain that they still haven’t found the perfect

formula that satisfies their desire for an instant tan. On listening to them, the Lancaster Laboratories had the idea of developing a revolutionary product: the In Shower Self Tan Lotion, a self-tan lotion to apply in the shower!

Beauty Tips for successful application: 

  1. There’s nothing like exfoliating with Lancaster’s Tan Preparer Body Scrub to prepare the Self Tan application and create a more beautiful tan.
  2. The formula is slightly tinted: you can therefore check that you haven’t forgotten any areas and that application is even!
  3. Pay attention to the driest areas of the body, such as elbows or knees: ensure that application is completely even.
  4. The more you apply In Shower Self Tan Lotion, the more intense the result.
  5. Have fun and intensify your tan with repeated application. After seven days, it will be a match for a real summer holiday glow!