Ladies of Luxury – Rima Khoreibi

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Rima Khoreibi
Creator of innovative make up concept, Micaroon Make Up

These are the faces that spell luxury with a capital L. They are the women you bring refinement and finesse to all they touch. These are the names that are associated with all things that make for the good life. Introducing luxury’s biggest advocates in our world.

It began with the gorgeous colours and decadent flavours that macaroons are famous for but it was only given serious thought during a trip to Sicily in 2009 which is when a love affair with macaroons became all consuming for Arab – Canadian Rima Khoreibi. “I began studying the market and attending exhibitions and put together ‘mica’ which means natural colour pigmentation, and macaroons to make Micaroon Make Up. I had always appreciated macaroons as being pretty and feminine while maintaining a modern twist and it is this vision that I wanted to incorporate into my cosmetic line,” she recalls.

Following this, she scouted for potential manufacturers who would help her turnher dream into a reality while maintaining a local feel to it which is why she decided to set up shop in Dubai. Now, Micaroon Make-up is available to customers at S*uce stores across the Emirates and is also accessible to customers at Pink Camel in Jeddah, KSA with an online store as well.

Since its inception, Micaroon Make-up has received positive reviews in the Middle East and Rima hopes that in the next 10 years the region becomes a major leader in the fashion world. “We are already seeing a shift in promoting talent from the region and they are doing a fantastic job! With events like Fashion Forward and massive brands like Chanel showcasing their collections from Dubai, the UAE is definitely on the world map for this industry,”she enthuses. Rima envisions a time where her customers, both old and new, are able to make a conscious decision to choose products from the region.

This would, in turn, generate support for newer, local start-ups that are targeted towards a beautiful and well-groomed population.

Like all designers, there are different things that inspire Rima to create products that would appeal to all her audiences. “Different cultures inspire different components. Nature inspires me, people inspire me,” she states with a smile. And her personal style is not too different from her influences. Primarily influenced by Japanese designers, she loves how important fabrics and super clean tailoring is to them.

With the success of her line, her personal style has also evolved as she has had the opportunity to gain access to the designers she is extremely fond of, as well as more boutiques across Dubai. These have shaped her dressing habits and helped her evolve into the person she wants to be. Rima believes there is no particular wardrobe essential a woman should own. Rather, she should incorporate her own personal style into her wardrobe therebycreating something that is unique. It is then up to the women to take these items and makethem special, “It’s all about individualism, that’s what personal style is about.”

As for what luxury means to her, Rima understand what the expected staples are. A high-end lifestyle. “But I believe that is the superficial side. Real luxury, to me, means good health and happiness. If you are lucky to have these, you can enjoy the high end lifestyle,” voicing an opinion full of wisdom and contentment.