Kaleidoscopic Lore

Post 1689 of 1734

When passion, prints, fabric, juxtapositions and a strong foundation come together, you are faced with the harmonious fusion that is Lamia Asudari.

“My mother feared that I would stitch my fingers together so she never let me use an electric sewing machine. Instead, I had to use a manual one to make my baby clothes,” reminisces the talented Saudi-born, London-based, globetrotting, Lamia Asudari who recalls this as being her earliest fashion memory.

But raw talent can only get you a foot in the door. In order to throw the door open and announce your arrival, it has to be honed and crafted to perfection and this process began through A Level’s at High School in Art, History of Art and Design Technology, a Higher National Diploma in Pattern Cutting from London College of Fashion and a BA in Fashion Print from Central Saint Martins. This was further sharpened through experience gained while working in the theatre industry doing costume and set design and a stint working under Alexander McQueen. “It is important for any aspiring designer to gain work experience. It is the only way to fully understand the process of producing an entire collection,” explains Lamia. And it is this work experience that has set her apart from her peers.

That, and her passion, passion that lies in her prints that are developed and executed intricately and emotionally with constant experiments in fabric against conflicting and bold silhouettes. And it was this joie de vivre that
helped her launch ASUDARI in 2007 with a design philosophy that lies in the trans-cultural aesthetic that combines and hybridizes two dissimilar worlds into a harmonic fusion.

But there must be some challenges? They do say that people who are creatively inclined face a creative block sometimes. Writers suffer from writer’s block so designers suffer from designer’s block? This, however, does not seem to exist with this fireball of energy. “Fashion is a fast paced industry so we are always working a season ahead. Due to the sheer volume of items that we are producing, there is no time for a block. We need to create these collections fast so the flow of creativity just takes over and drags you along for the ride,” she explains.

With hopes to open a flagship store in London and a couture atelier in Dubai, Lamia Asudari’s distinctive concept of kaleidoscopic colours and form is keeping the fashion world waiting with bated breath.


  • Mascara
  • Mac Matt lipstick
  • Sketchbook and pocket water
  • Colours
  • Sunglasses
  • Phone


  • Celebrity you would like to dress?

Nicole Richie

  • Wardrobe essentials for every woman?

Perfect platform shoes and a silk jersey t-shirt to thrown on top of anything.


Using geometry in my prints and fabric manipulation.