It’s The Time to Detox

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Face it. The party’s over but life isn’t. Pick yourself up and get back to pre-party season shape with these
awesome tips and pointers from our stellar experts. By Anindita Ghosh

January has kicked in, and it’s time to get back to the grind, and put your best, unpuffy face forward. Now is when
you deal with red eyes due to many sleep-deprived nights, and take care of the tyre that has suddenly crept in while you were stuffing yourself with hors d’oeuvres. To help you get back into prime pre-party shape, we have the best tips and pointers from our panel of skin, diet and fitness experts. So get cracking!


If you regularly over-imbibe, and especially during the party season, you could have damaged your liver.
According to Delhi-based nutritionist and weight management consultant Kavita Devgan, “Even moderate social
drinkers can experience liver damage in the form of fatty liver, hepatitis or cirrhosis. Alcohol overindulgence can
also cause gastritis, pancreatitis and high blood pressure, among other things.” Apart from putting on weight, you could also develop vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as a host of other


The good news is that you can get your body and liver back on track and undo some of the damage. Kavita shares diet and nutrition tips to help your body recover.


Switch to a low-fat diet for some time. Eat plenty of whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. Easy-to-digest food will give some rest to your liver while it cleanses your system. This kind of diet will also help your body
eliminate toxins. “Fruits and vegetables will provide fibre, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes,” says Kavita.



Avoid coffee and switch to drinking green tea; it’s a healthier option that is full of antioxidants.


After over indulging in desserts, it’s time to switch to fresh fruits for your sweet fix.



Fatty and salty foods, and spirits can cause dehydration. To balance your hydration levels, increase your water intake. Drink at least seven to 10 glasses of water every day. This will help dilute toxins and reduce water
retention. Water is also vital to maintaining your body temperature and clearing excessive fat from your bloodstream.



Up your vitamin E intake. Add walnuts, peanuts, almonds, sunflower, flax and watermelon seeds and olives to your diet.


It’s difficult to refrain from scarfing down sweets, delicious cocktails and scrumptious fried delicacies during the holiday season. But all that feasting can cause weight gain, lethargy, insomnia, digestion problems and
emotional disturbances. To bring your body and mind back on track follow these simple tips.



According to holistic health guru, Mickey Mehta, head and owner of 360° Wellness Centre, a combination of exercises and sensible eating will make you lose those extra kilos that you may have gained, as well as
combat fatigue and other health issues that may have cropped up with overindulgence. He recommends “Daily
exercises like calisthenics, yoga, power yoga, Pilates, aerobics or any cardio workouts like brisk walks, cycling and swimming, with emphasis on pranayama (breathing techniques).” These activities promote better blood circulation, oxygenation, and heart and lung conditioning to keep you fit and alert. They also improve your stamina, immunity and metabolism. The endorphins or the ‘feel good’ hormones released during exercises
play a crucial role in the release of energy and positivity. All mild incidences of depression or blues can be lessened by exercises.



Avoid extremes like a sedentary existence or overdoing your workout. Include 30 minutes of brisk walking and do
yoga or strength training exercises under supervision. You can also try swimming, tennis, squash and badminton. Other trends like kick-boxing and boot camp are recommended to alleviate boredom.

a) Warm up first! Spot jogging, jumping jacks and twists for five to 10 minutes improve circulation, lubricate
your joints and make you more flexible.

b) Include stretches like tadasana, toe touches, side bends, shoulder rotations, and five to eight rounds of

c) Include yoga postures like bhujangasana, pawanmukhthasana, dhanurasana, naukasana and trikonasana.

d) For strength training, include exercises like push-ups, squats and lunges.

e) For the abs, do crunches, oblique crunches and cycling while lying down.

f) Lastly, relax in shavasana and breathe gently. Just experience the sensations of your body and feel relaxed.
Include deep breathing exercises or pranayams like anulom-vilom and chanting, and always try to do your exercises under guidance.



The first reaction that you probably have when you see the needle on your weighing machine tilt towards
bigger numbers is to embark on an extreme diet. However, these crash diets do more harm than good. Mickey says, “Quick fixes and crash dieting, though they give rapid results, are more dangerous than most people
realise. The answer to your weight issues is commitment and discipline. Avoid drastic changes in your diet or
exercise schedules. Just a few lifestyle corrections can give excellent results.”

Excessive drinking, eating and staying up late can all wreck your skin Binge drinking causes dehydration that can lead to wrinkles and fine lines. If you already have wrinkles, spirit will make your skin dry, making them
even more prominent. Dr Deepali Bharadwaj, dermatologist, The Skin & Hair Clinic, Delhi, says, “Dehydration delays exfoliation of dead skin and can make your skin look dull and lifeless.” She adds, “Excessive drinking also leads to dilation of blood vessels. Every time you drink, the blood vessels permanently dilate until they lose
their tone.” This can lead to the development of telangiectasia (spider veins). Spirit consumption can also make acne and rosacea worse. Apart from this, slathering your face with makeup can also hamper your skin. If makeup is not applied properly it can cause acne, pigmentation and skin damage.



Party fatigued skin is very common in all age groups, and the best way to bring back the glow is by deep
moisturising and hydration. Dr Bharadwaj says, “Moisturisers help heal the damage that alcohol-led dehydration causes.” So don’t forget to slather your favourite moisturiser on twice a day, before and after any outings.



Drink plenty of water before and after meals to wash away accumulated toxins. Increase your intake of vitamin C,
citrus fruits, amla and dry fruits. Add yoghurt to your daily diet—the probiotics and lactic acid will help your skin


Prevent damage by applying a sunscreen of SPF 30 or 50 daily, 10-15 minutes before you go out in the sun.
Ideally, you should apply sun protection even when you are not going out.


Apply a freshly prepared mixture of lemon and tomato juice on your face and wait for 10-15 minutes before washing it off. This works for all skin types and gets your face glowing again. If you are allergic to lemon juice, apply a paste of sandalwood powder instead.


Don’t forget to remove makeup before you go to bed. Opt for spirit-free products while cleansing your face.
Use a primer before applying makeup to keep your skin from clogging. And finally, after cleansing, apply a
heavy-duty night cream for nourishment.