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Picture a little boy altering his mother’s clothes and helping her pick outfits and you will be picturing the uber talented, Rami Kadi.

Born in the United States and raised in Lebanon, Rami realized early on that fashion was his passion and he decided to pursue it as soon as he graduated from high school. “I enrolled in the fashion design school, ESMOD Beirut in 2005 and by 2008 I graduated with honours and distinction,” he explains. Following this, Rami gained invaluable experience while working with world- renowned Lebanese designers Rabih Kayrouz and Georges Chakra. This led to him being selected by the Starch Foundation, founded by the two designers to promote promising fresh fashion graduates, to showcase his first two collections. The success garnered gave Rami the boost he needed to open his first flagship boutique and atelier in Beirut in May 2011. This store carried ready to wear, couture, accessories and bridal collections.INSPIRED DREAMSPicture a little boy altering his mother’s clothes and helping her pick outfits and you will be picturing the uber talented, Rami Kadi.

But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. “There have been many challenges since the opening of the boutique,” says Rami, “whether it be a challenging design for a customer or preparing for fashion shows such as Fashion Forward.” But the fashion industry thrives on evolution and Rami believes that these challenges present him with that opportunity.

Rami always looks at the next step for his brand and he dreams big believing that the sky is the limit. For now, his efforts revolve around spreading the word about his creations in the Middle East and Europe. “I would like to develop derivative products and departments such as a baby clothing line,” says Rami. And to draw inspiration for all of these Rami just looks around and takes in everything he sees. “Anything can be inspiring. I’ve even found inspiration in my dream! I always dream about dresses or shapes and I wake up in the middle of night to draw them and go back to sleep.”

Rami’s goals for his brand are those of a visionary whose sole purpose is to dress women who stand out with their elegance and grace. Women who turn heads with their seduction and mystery. Women who blow life into the clothes they wear.


• Keep the client satisfied
• Add your personal touch to your designs
• Don’t be afraid to try new things
• Make timeless pieces
• Get funky


• If you have larger set hips the best shape is an A line skirt
• If you are on the curvy side don’t be afraid to wear a tight corset or a belt to synch in the waist
• If you are petite add volume to your dress