Inspired Baggage

Post 1696 of 1734

Ethan K at his workshop

Four generations of artisans, years spent all over the world learning techniques and studying fashion and internships with some of the leading makers of exclusive bags have led to the ultra- luxurious creations from Ethan K.

Growing up, my family’s tannery was lo- located at the back of our home,”my siblings and I were encouraged by my father and grandfather to always be creative and try our hand at the age old techniques. This is part of my DNA and motivated me to design some of my earliest creations,”explained the young Singaporean designer, Ethan Koh. It is this encouragement and proximity to creativity that inspires Ethan when he creates a collection.That and the fruit and spice stall his mother ran which was an endless barrage of colours and
smells, to the extent where he would walk the local markets, buy fruit and spices, take it back to the tannery and create matching colours.

The colourful creator even drew inspiration from a book of fairy tales his parents bought for him while he was a
child. In the book, there were magical stories surrounding various creatures. The hedgehog was the nimble explorer who enjoyed travel and adventure, the frog represented luck and fortune and the snake stood for sensuality and desires. These details can now be seen on his bags, specifically, on top of his Minaudiere clutches.

As part of his bespoke service, Ethan has created bags that draw on the personality of the person. Some examples of this are The Marigay, made for the Chief Merchant of Harrods, Marigay McKee, where the blue of the bag was inspired by the blue walls in Marrakech and the lighter tones representing her favourite flower, white orchids.

Another is The Wendy, created through the culmination of encounters that young Parisienne fashion
buyer, Wendy Hadida had with Ethan. Here he drew on the fact that she didn’t need to carry much while walking around the city and the colours were inspired from her everyday Parisian chic style and the colour of her bedroom. Drawing inspiration from the great taste and modern sensibility of Martine Hadida, the Co-Founder of the unique boutique L’Eclaireur in Paris, Ethan created The Martine fitted with a secret side pocket large enough for her phone.

Ethan aims to offer his clients a bag that is colourful and exclusive. Even taking time to emboss the persons’
initials and the date of creation on it, as part of his bespoke service and it is this attention to detail that has
clientele coming back for more.