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The hottest products to hit the beauty shelves this month



When Sephora imagines a matte lipstick, it looks like this: a lipstick with a full resume that combines a ‘soft touch’ effect and eight hours of continuous hydration and maximum comfort. Behind its chic case? A formula that has it all, that controls shine and moisturizes with a mix of peach extract, vitamin E oils and shea butter. With this luxurious, rich concentrate, available in 16 ultrasophisticated colors, the mouth is immediately polished.



Clarins has always cared for the hands, which are constantly exposed to harsh environmental factors and ageing, to keep them youthful, beautiful and comfortable. A cult beauty product for over 30 years, Hand and Nail Treatment Cream is a highly effective, complete skin care, which nourishes, smoothes, regenerates and beautifies the hands and nails. The brand celebrates this success and launches a collection of three limited editions, adding three subtle fragrances to the legendary formula of Hand and Nail Treatment Cream: orange leaf, white tea leaf and fig leaf.



Create your perfect brow with everything you need in one place – an angled brow brush, tweezers, magnifying mirror, regular mirror and an innovative brow powder in two shades. Add colour, volume and definition with Estée Lauder’s new Soft Gloss Brow Powder. Infused with micro pearls, the finish mimics the natural sheen of brown hair, so brows look healthy and gorgeous—never powdery, fake-looking, or matte. Two shades per compact can be personally blended to create the perfect, natural color. Available in three compacts: Blonde, Brunette and Dark Brunette.



Introducing a new version of Angel Schlesser Pour Elle: a more intense, more profound, more mysterious Eau de Parfum Sensuelle. Created by Amandine Marie Clerc, the same perfumer who brought us the original fragrance, this new Sensuelle version of Pour Elle belongs to the Woody Floral Cedarwood family. The top notes define its warm sensuality. That first glance, curious, as attractive as a drop of light. The bergamot unveils a play of contrasts – both sweet and citric freshness. It pops in its accord with intense and spicy red berries, which close with a touch of velvety white peach, juicy and moist.



Herbal Essentials Massage Gel is a multi-use body care product packed with so many amazing ingredients.
In addition to being a superb home massage gel that can help soothe your body from a hectic lifestyle, the gel can also be used to help with stretch marks and stubborn cellulite. Blending Aloe Vera with Juniper and Grapefruit essential oils, Herbal Essentials has created a multi-use body care product that also helps with circulation, cellulite and stretch marks through massage.



Soothe and soften your hands with Geranium and Walnut Hand Cream. Lightweight, delicately scented formula with Apricot Kernel oil absorbs quickly, leaving hands moisturized, never feeling greasy. Crisp, vibrant Geranium is layered with the warmth of walnut. The scent was developed to complement each and every Jo Malone London fragrance.



The flawless face starts with flawless skin. Laura’s limited edition Flawless Skin Repair Duet pairs our concentrated eye serum with our moisturizing face serum for a double dose of anti-aging power. Together, they help improve the appearance of lines and loss of firmness, while instantly smoothing and brightening the skin. After cleansing skin, before moisturizer, apply Repair Serum all over face to help boost skin’s natural ability to
repair the appearance of past damage, improve skin cell turnover and moisture retention. Follow with Repair Eye Serum under the delicate eye area to unveil smoother, brighter, healthy-looking skin.