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The hottest products to hit the beauty shelves this month



Bulgari unveils Rose Goldea – the new tribute to femininity combining passionate rose and sophisticated musks into a blend of desire. Inspired by the iconic serpenti design, Rose Goldea is a bold jewel of seduction. It is the eternal essence of femininity with an extension of Goldea in the fullness of its musky notes – it is a different facet of the same woman. It embodies royalty and gold, and reflects a woman who is almost unattainable.



Molton Brown unmask their new floral collection, Rosa Absolute. An intriguingly voluptuous, classic Italian red rose extracted in its purest, most concentrated form. The new collection is inspired by the ancient Italian tradition of sub rosa signifying secrecy, where roses were painted on the ceilings of banquet rooms as a reminder that words spoken should remain confidential.




Orchidée Impériale has gone one step further with the creation of Orchidée Impériale Black. Using revolutionary
‘cellular immunity’ technology, it targets the final stage in cell longevity to reinforce the skin’s powers of
self-defense to the maximum. The quality, feel, appearance and characteristics of beautiful skin improve day by day, wrinkles and blemishes fade, the surface of the skin becomes smoother, the complexion brightens and the facial contour is better defined. Perfectly nourished and hydrated, the skin is firmer and more elastic with an incredible glow.



The iconic Sculpting Multiple Duo is a multi-tasker that works two places at once. The darker shades blend effortlessly to create a contour enhancing the face’s natural features, while the illuminating shades provide a sheer colour that illuminates the high points of the face. Both double up on eyes, lips, and cheeks.



Pushing the boundaries of design, Grandiôse Liner is inspired by the techniques of make-up artists. This revolutionary liner breaks the norm for a more supple technique and incredible flexibility upon application.
A wonderful technological feat, it comprises a pivot allowing a 35-degree curve in the handle and almost unlimited dexterity. Its new dense, opaque and intensely matte formula intensifies the eyes, lending itself to particularly audacious lines.



Rock the ultimate flawless complexion this fall with the new, high performance, Lock-It Concealer Crème. Paired with a ground-breaking precision-crafted makeup brush, these artistry quality tool and high performance formulas are 100% vegan and 100% cruelty-free and will help you create the perfect complexion canvas.