Hermes Presents 3 Exceptional Timepieces for First Time

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  • Arceau Pocket Ailes Ecailles

  • Medor secrete

  • Medor serti baguette

Hermès recently presented three new Exceptional Timepieces for the very first time, the ARCEAU Pocket ailes et écailles, MÉDOR serti baguette and MÉDOR secrete.

– ARCEAU Pocket ailes et écailles – combines the art of scarab beetle elytra marquetry with those of engraving and miniature enamelling.

– MÉDOR serti baguette – conceals its watchmaking soul beneath the sparkle of trapeze-cut diamonds. This “secret” watch tells the time only when its pyramid-shaped cover pivots to one side at a press on an invisible push-button.

– MÉDOR secrète – is draped in white diamonds and studded with pyramids entirely encircling the wrist. Thousands of gems cover the walls of this signature motif and create a precious jewellery cuff watch.