Hermes introduces new interpretation of its Pendentif Boule Masterpiece

Post 1468 of 1734
LMH_Pendentif Boule 1

LMH Pendentif-Boule

LMH_Pendentif Boule 2

LMH Pendentif Boule

LMH_Pendentif Boule 3

LMH Pendentif-Boule


LMH Applying the enamel


LMH Enamel-colour-palettes


LMH Enamel-colour-palettes

Hermes has introduced an unusual interpretation of its Pendentif Boule by exploring the art of cloisonné enamelling. The unique demands of this unique skill are rendered all the more complex by the rounded nature of the back of the watch on which the enameller creates a unique motif for Hermès.

Dangling gracefully from a white gold chain, the Pendentif Boule whirls and twirls, presenting its two faces as desired: a multi-coloured corolla motif on the back, or white mother-of-pearl on the dial side where the time ticks by with exquisite delicacy.