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  • Mask the base of your face with foundation that matches your skin colour. Cover the dark pigmented area around your eyes with the same colour concealer

  • Strobe the top of your cheekbones keeping a distance of two fingers under your eyes and the inner corner of your eye with a luminous shade to highlight your face

  • Apply a pink shimmer eye shadow going light from the inner side of the eye to dark on the outside. Use the same application technique on the bottom of the eye to outline it.

  • Choose a dark shade of purple for the eyeliner to define the eyes both on the top and the bottom. Finish with a light stroke of mascara.

  • Choose a deep berry lipstick to stay on trend. Remain classy and distinguished by choosing a matte lipstick rather than a shiny one.

  • For your hair, wavy curls are always very sexy. Finish the look with a shine spray to create softer curls and radiance.

Genevieve Rippon shows us how to step out looking ethereal during the month of love

Photographer: Guillaume Nallet
Styling: Super Deluxe Studio
Makeup artist: Genevieve Rippon
Model: Jerry @MMG