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Roberto Cavalli has always been synonymous with a certain way of life, a baroque and luxurious vision of the Italian dolce vita. The Roberto Cavalli Gold Collection is a flamboyant olfactory rendition of this refined lifestyle, the ultimate tribute to the brand’s philosophy and aesthetics.
A state-of-the-art masterpiece of perfumery, it is composed of six exclusive fragrances that will appeal to men and women alike. Dreamed up by the most talented perfumers and designed for the most demanding connoisseurs, they blend the rarest and most sophisticated ingredients in a breathtaking packaging.

The Roberto Cavalli Gold Collection opens up an initiatory journey into a universe of sensations and emotions.
Each fragrance was conceived to sublimate a specific note. It is a careful arrangement, a potent alchemy distilled from the noblest components, whether it be Italian irises, freshly plucked roses from Bulgaria or precious sandalwood from Sri Lanka.
The Gold Collection is an invitation to discover the world through its most fascinating scents. Exploring a whole range of different atmospheres, it offers the perfect accompaniment to each and every mood.