Going Global – Jean Louis Sabaji

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  • Alicia Quarles wears Jean Louis Sabaji on the Red Carpet

  • Sonam Kapoor at the Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards

  • Vanessa Simmons at the Grammy Awards

  • Zendaya dressed in Jean Louis Sabaji for a cover shoot

  • Jean Louis Sabaji at Fashion Forward

  • Finale at Fashion Forward

 Jean Louis Sabaji

The fashion industry is taking notice of the Gulf and for all the right reasons. Our local designer’s creations that have graced the international red carpets and are worn by celebrities worldwide are turning heads with their artistic designs. We spoke to some of the savants of design who have put the Middle East on the fashion map

Raised by a fashion designer, Jean Louis Sabaji’s design mission began at an early age. Following his graduation in 2009, his motivation and creativity led him to the Milan Domus Academy. This move gave him the opportunity to share his creations and in the summer of 2012, Sabaji showcased his first collection, which was inspired by nature. Since then, the young designer has taken the world of Haute Couture by storm with celebrities such as Sonam Kapoor, Zendaya and Vanessa Simmons wearing his creations on the red carpet

Who is the Jean Louis Sabaji woman?
Every woman who is daring and wants to stand out.

What was it like to grow with such a rich family legacy in fashion design?
It taught me everything I know about high level craftsmanship and its importance in the couture world.

What inspires you while creating a new collection?
Everything around me inspires me, especially Mother Nature, which makes sense since it surrounds us. All its elements and colours inspire my designs. Also, I’m passionate about movies and paintings and I tend to get influenced by the messages they convey.

Tell us about the moment your designs went international for the first time?
It’s a wonderful feeling, seeing one of your creations on a red carpet with feedbacks from the millions that see your design. It’s especially fulfilling after months of hand work put into creating it.

What are the factors you consider while dressing a celebrity?
When I dress every woman, I want to make her feel comfortable and feminine, all at the same time, because that is when she will be the most confident.

Who are the celebrities on your wish list?
Every woman is on my wish list!

What advice would you give a young designer that is venturing into Haute Couture?
Think outside the box.

Tell us what it’s like to present and compete in the international fashion arena.
It is a very competitive world and the biggest challenge is maintaining a certain level and standard that you can not back down from.