Forever Us – Vik & Natasha Jethwani

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In a world for of ‘I’s’, very few look at the ‘we’s’. Here are some couples that have taken the ‘we’
from personal to professional and have grown stronger together. They have loved each other, fought for one another and risen above it all to succeed as partners made in heaven

Vik Jethwani Fine Jewellery

She wrote me a love letter in high school, that’s how we met. Of course, she denies it but her version of the story is so not true!” says Vik. But when you ask Natasha how they met, this is what she says, “We’ve known each other for years and went to the same schools here in Dubai. Even our grandparents were friends. Vik is a bit of an ‘old man’ so we never really hung out until after we both moved back to Dubai. We eventually had the same circle of friends and started dating. He proposed after just three months, and we got married eight months later. I don’t know where he imagined this ‘love letter’ from but it’s not true!” And just like that, you get the sense that this couple has it all figured out.

For Natasha and Vik, working together has been a journey of discovery. With Vik, appreciating Natasha’s attention to detail has helped them change the jewellery game while Natasha’s respect for Vik grew to new heights with his in depth knowledge of diamonds and precious stones and expertise in manufacturing. “It can be tricky to live and work with your spouse!” explains Natasha, “We’ve learned over the years that the best way to handle it is to leave work in the office.” And with their children, Mia and Ari, to come home to, the couple end up finding the balance between their work and personal life in order to be the best parents they can be.

Over the years, the couple have grown stronger as a unit especially with every aspect of their lives intertwined, from work to friends,family, the children and more. “It’s been a fun journey so far,” says Vik, “Talking about work, design and trends has moved away from seeming like work. We are a team who feel the up’s and down’s of the business together and this has enabled us to tackle obstacles together.” But there have been challenges along the way. “When we first launched Vik Jethwani Fine Jewellery, we would argue a lot about the little things, as we both have a tendency to micromanage,” explains Natasha, “Over time, we have learned that each of us have different areas of expertise and we now trust each others opinions in those areas explicitly.”

When asked what it is they admire about the other, the answers come quick and full of love. “She is a great mother and always pushes me to be a better person,” says Vik while Natasha chimes in with, “I really admire his work ethic and self discipline. He is extremely hard working and is an incredible husband and father.” And as for their thoughts on what it takes to maintaining a healthy relationship, Vik believes the key is in understanding and respecting each other’s views and Natasha pinpoints it to three traits, patience, respect and forgiveness. “We are both Aquarians and can be very stubborn and opinionated. Tempers are quick to flare in both work and at home so it’s crucial to be patient and have respect for one another. When we do get really mad at each other, we have to know how to forgive quickly or else everything in our lives comes to a standstill!” she explains.

Describing their relationship as fun, colourful, loving, adventurous, honest and trusting, the couple aim to continue making fine jewellery for a long time to come with the hope that their brand become an
internationally recognized jewellery house.

By Sharon Carvalho