Forever Us – Dr, Maurizio & Edwina Viel

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In a world for of ‘I’s’, very few look at the ‘we’s’. Here are some couples that have taken the ‘we’
from personal to professional and have grown stronger together. They have loved each other, fought for one another and risen above it all to succeed as partners made in heaven

London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery Gulf

Dr.Maurizio Viel from Italy and Edwina from Singapore have proved that botox is not just skin deep. It in fact can lead to and sustain a life long commitment as marriage. They met eight years ago when Edwina’s mum introduced them in London at Dr. Maurizio’s cosmetic surgery clinic on Harley Street, during one of her usual botox treatment visits. It was one of those random moments, she tells, that has nurtured and matured into a successful seven-year-old marriage today.

Though fostering completely different aspirations for life, what has brought the two together is their self-belief.

Dr. Maurizio since early years of his practice dreamt of owning a business. It has been twenty years since he and his identical twin brother Dr. Roberto have been working in the plastic surgery business.

While Dr. Maurizio sought to be his own boss, Edwina dreamt of working in the banking sector. She gained good experience with Morgan Stanley and UBS as an investment manager before moving to Dubai in 2009 with her husband and five-week old son.

She had plans to make it big, but the wedding bells changed everything. She realized that it was extremely challenging to pursue after it with four children to care for. She admits, “I miss that life but I am also very blessed that my banking experience taught me how to run the family business, and provided me with the flexibility to work from home.”

Today Dr. Maurizio and Edwina work together. While Dr. Maurizio is at the forefront of the business with the patients, Edwina is the clinic’s director and prefers to work from ‘behind the scenes’

Dr. Maurizio explains, “My brother and I have been in the plastic surgery business for over 20 years, and we now own our clinics – The London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS) on Harley Street in London, a clinic in Dubai Healthcare City and a smaller practice in the Atlantis Hotel on the Palm, Jumeirah.”

Edwina is on the other side of the page. She enjoys the ‘family’ style of business that has given her an insight on owning a business, unlike corporate life. It has been harder work for her, but essentially more satisfying.

Together they run “a small democratic family business”. “Fortunately, Maurizio and I, 90 per cent of the time think alike so we do not argue a lot,” she feels.

But when they do, Edwina realizes, that it is because they are over exhausted. “We make sure we fix it by getting away for a weekend or just getting more rest,” she says.

Dr. Maurizio states, “It is possible for a married couple to live and work together successfully, but you have to have these three very important things:

• Defined boundaries
• Clearly defined roles
• Respect for each other’s positions

The only formula to working into a relationship and keeping it healthy is to have respect for one another and trust in each other, he believes. Moreover, both Edwina and Dr. Maurizio prioritize the family and that is their daily goal.

“When you own your own business it can be 24/7. My wife and I spend good quality time with the kids when at home and talk business later,” says a cautious Dr. Maurizio. “There has to be a right time for everything.”

They now live in Dubai with their four children who are five years, four years, two years and four months old.