Forever Us – Chris & Natlie Humphrey

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  • Chris & Natalie Humphrey

In a world for of ‘I’s’, very few look at the ‘we’s’. Here are some couples that have taken the ‘we’ from personal to professional and have grown stronger together. They have loved each other, fought for one another and risen above it all to succeed as partners made in heaven

Chris & Natalie Humphrey

EasyTruck Moving and Storage

EasyTruck Moving and Storage was established in Dubai in 2009 out of a growing need for a professional removals and storage business that offered worldclass service at affordable prices. Natalie Humphrey is British and an oil broker, business and life coach (professional) and Chris Humphrey is an Australian who worked at Outdoor Media Agencies. They met in Dubai 11 years ago – they knew each other professionally and as friends for five years before they became a couple.

“The idea of starting a business (EasyTruck) was Chris’ in the first place in 2009 on the back end of the GFC. Both our businesses were suffering in 2008 and we knew we needed to come up with a business idea that people would always have a need for. Our biggest motivation for starting EasyTruck was from witnessing and experiencing expats suffering with not having a reliable service at an affordable price for when they move to Dubai/Middle East. At that time we were married for one year and we used all our life savings and beyond,” says Natalie.

In 2009, EasyTruck was just Chris in charge of logistics, Natalie in charge of sales, one sales person, five other staff members and one open truck. Today, five years on, EasyTruck has reached a milestone with zero debt and a net-worth of AED 10 million with a staff of 25 people and storage worth 6,000 square feet (seven warehouses) with a fleet of five trucks/three vans.

Ask them what has been their mantra for running a successful business and family and they agree that in the workspace it is about communication, changing and adapting and hiring good people that care about the success of the business through customer care. As for family, 1. Communication: to create a clear line between family life and business matters; continuing communication 2. Complement: use different set of skills, which enhance one another. As for their roles in the business, Natalie Humphrey, the Managing Director, is more of a coach to Chris since she is not involved full time in the business these days. Chris, on the other hand, looks after general management of the business. To a married women who want to start in business with their husbands, she has a word of advice, “Have you financial planning in place, so have funds to sustain your family while building the business. Have complementary set of skills and have a discipline of communication”

Photograph by: Sarfaraz Ali Photography