Finish to Finesse

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My nails distract me as I run my fingers across the keyboard to type this feature out. They’ve been filed, buffed and glazed. I have enjoyed every bit of the perfect treat and pampering at the Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzalez at the One&Only Private Spa.

“Luxury is perfect harmony between service and quality fitting in a simple precise and efficient manner

          – Bastien Gonzalez, Foot Virtuoso

Renowned pedicurist Bastien Gonzalez ensures an opportunity to experience what the man responsible for ‘the Rolls Royce of pedicures’ has in store for you.

Olivia and Charlotte, my masseurs for the day brief and prepare me for what I am to experience.

It starts with a nice soft cushion for support for my neck and back, and they ask me to feel at ease and recline relaxed.

I allow myself to be pampered, but my inquisitive eyes take a quick look at the masseur’s worktable. With drills and scalpels, to me it looks more like a body workshop.

What I can not find are warm soap water bowls to dip my fingers and toes in, for usually that is what sets the manicure pedicure sessions. “Ours is a dry pedi:mani:cure,” tells Olivia.

They file my nails with a glass filer (for better hygiene) and drill to remove a thin upper layer of the nails simultaneously on my hand and foot.

What sets this procedure apart is when I do not experience the usual hurt and discomfort when pushing the cuticles.

Using varying thickness of drills help remove the upper nail layer, the dryness around nail cuticles and finish to finesse. The manicure and pedicure is exceptional:A cuticle and nail treatment, including a natural beauty finish to the nail buffed with chamois leather and a pearly buffing cream restoring health, shine and natural beauty to the nails.

Olivia promises me that I will be able to sport shiny hands and feet nails for the next two weeks.

However, the best is yet to be experienced. A synchronized four hands totally relaxing massage focusing on my feet, legs, hands and arms engulf me.

The result of this unique pedicure manicure is to vouch for. Science aside, how did it feel? Sublime. There were no nasty, potentially bruising cuticle pushing or cutting – just lashings of calming, comforting and soothing products that left my hands and feet looking and feeling a lot better than when I walked in.

The advice offered post-treatment is also appreciated; no hard sell of products, just encouragement to keep doing the things I’m getting right, and suggestions on how to improve the areas where I need to take more care.

Bastien’s pedicure is a new global perception which focuses on:
Skin and nail treatment: A true pedicure combining care and maintenance Beauty: Enhancing the natural brilliance of the nail Wellbeing: Thanks to the massage that focuses on muscular flexibility, joint mobility, circulation and skin conditioning. From the toes up to the knees, each muscle and tendon is worked to help recover optimal mobility.