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It is difficult to nail a creative soul –the very process defeats the purpose of defining the out-of-box thinkers. No wonder, when designer Prateek Chaudhry met Gauri Khan, she decided to launch the Gauri Khan Signature line with his company The First Ferry. Manju Ramanan speaks to the creative duo about their designs on Dubai and the rest of the world

Why did you choose Dubai to introduce Gauri Khan’s Signature line?

Prateek Chaudhry : My company The First Ferry dabbles in several different things across the world right from interiors to designing spaces be it homes, offices, retail areas, boutique villas or hotels, to customizing concepts for even designing innovative boxes for corporate houses. With offices in London, Singapore and New York, The First Ferry is spread worldwide. Gauri Khan will act as the company’s consultant in designing high-end residences, restaurants, retail spaces, corporate offices, and spas. Also yatch interiors and landscape designs. She also plans on creating her line of furniture and chandeliers within The First Ferry and plans to extend her signature line to jewellery, bag and shoe designs a year later.

Gauri Khan: I have a dream for this signature line and design is my passion. There will be no limit to the possibilities of the extension of my brand with The First Ferry because the future plans are all drawn out with a clear vision. In life, you have to start somewhere. Back home, after I got married and came to Mumbai I dabbled in several things but a few years ago I started doing homes and was part of the Charcoal project. I designed my various homes in Dubai and Mumbai. Eventually I started my own store – Design Cell. With The First Ferry I will not be restricted to a region – they have offices in Singapore, London and New York and I can design everywhere.

How did you meet Gauri Khan?

Prateek Chaudhry: Gauri Khan who is into charity events worked with Prateek’s brother in India and when they met, the connect was instant. We are ambitious and we can create beautiful spaces and products and with Gauri on board, we can go exponentially higher and faster.

A mother of three, wife of a super star and an entrepreneur – how do these factors contribute to your design sense?

Gauri Khan: No, my children do not contribute to my design sense because when I design spaces I am not designing children’s spaces. I like to add a touch of glamour to my work. Children’s spaces are to do with comfort and warmth and you cannot add glamour there. My passion is not to create comfortable spaces but add a spark of glamour. For instance, in a 15,000 sq. ft villa, I just do one of the rooms. Or if it is a boutique hotel, I might design the bar or the lounge. Or place my signature chandelier in another space.

What are the challenges of being an entrepreneur?

Prateek Chaudhry: The luxury market in Dubai is growing at a significant pace and we want to take it higher and with our network and Gauri Khan’s signature line, we are ready to face challenges.

Gauri Khan: Personally I believe that if you put your mind, heart and soul in anything you do and love, you cannot go wrong – that is how I function. I put my full energy, heart and soul into a project and do not deviate. Thoughts become action- if you give it a positive thought you will have a smooth run.