Fashion in Cyberspace

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A journey that spans years and continents is the story of Dadu Luxe. When CEO, Selina Neri, met her soul sister, owner of Dadu, Dur Fayez, she knew that their association was all written in their stars. By Sharon Carvalho

The Beginning
Born to Italian parents and growing up in Milan, Selina spent her childhood surrounded by the sense of style, colours, impeccable design and craftsmanship that define Italian fashion. “I worked in Information Technology for over 20 years. I started at an entry level position and built my way up as a part of major corporations around the world to finally become Senior Vice President. My education background taught me to be an economist and it was while studying to complete by MBA in the United States that I became interested in technology and how it improves out daily lives,” she explains.

But it was in 2011 that life took a turn. A brave decision to leave the industry of technology and unite her passions for luxury fashion with her knowledge of international business and modern technology had her crossing paths with Dur Fayez. “I met her at a dinner in London. Our husbands had been working together for years and had developed a close friendship over that time. At the dinner is when the stars aligned and Dur and I began discussing Dadu, the accessories boutique she owned in Jeddah,” following which, a discussion about their love for online shopping led to the foundation of Dadu Luxe, the concept, vision and strategy.

Kismet Connection
“We are deeply connected, intellectually and emotionally. From the beginning, we had complete trust in each other and the utmost respect for our different backgrounds, cultures and religions,” describes Selina, “We have a lot of fun when we are together and are doing what we love. We believe we are very blessed with our friendship and that destiny brought us together to make history.”

The Online Experience
The world is at your feet when you hit the inter-web and the same applies to online shopping. “It offers us a much wider range of styles and creations with easy access to unique pieces,” states Selina. The experience is convenient, informative and much more entertaining, according to her, with the chance to make it inclusive and connected with the correct use of social media. “Globally, the market is cluttered with e-commerce websites,” she explains, “But in luxury fashion, there are only a few that are efficient, reliable and unique. 90% of my shopping happens online and I have dealt with poor shipping support, lack of great customer care and no unique offerings which is why we work on taking online shopping to a whole new level.”

Future Hopes
“We hope that Dadu Luxe will make history in the world of luxury fashion and will elevate e-commerce to a new level,” Selina defines, with further dreams that the brand will contribute significantly to building the image of Dubai as a fashion capital at par with or surpassing Paris, London, New York and Milan.