Fashion Debunked

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When one thinks of those working in the fashion industry, they immediately think Devil Wears Prada and the iconic character of Miranda Priestly; the editor-in-chief of a well known fashion magazine who made the lives of her staff miserable with her icy cold, bossy demeanor. People think this is true of everyone who works in fashion. They also believe that anyone who works in the industry has a glamorous lifestyle and is constantly partying, but it’s about more than just attending fashion weeks. Shweta Bhatia clarifies the misconceptions of working in fashion

Fashion Week means only one thing – Party

Social media explodes during fashion weeks and viewers can only see photographs of everyone only looking fabulous and posing in front of various media walls, but there’s actually a lot of work that goes into putting together the four to five day event. They involve weeks of planning and sleepless nights where every member participating is constantly running around doing last minute prep with little to no personal time for themselves.

Women working in fashion only wear expensive designer clothes

We cover high fashion and we cover it well, but most times we are probably running about in our joggers and t-shirts that cost next to nothing. While there are a few who are fortunate enough to afford designer wear or receive them as gifts by the designers themselves (yes, that part is true), most of us working in fashion are donning the best of the low and high street.

Women in fashion don’t eat

Apparently people who belong to this industry only survive on coffee, cigarettes and kale juices, but the fact of the matter is that we love our carbs. For those working in fashion, days are long and often demand late night deadlines and it is humanly impossible to do so on no food. A fashion house or office will always have food in their pantry.

Choice of shoes – Heels- no matter what

Let it be remembered that when Andrea Sachs had to run around the whole city in her six inch heels for Devil Wears Prada, as soon as the director screamed ‘Cut!’, the first thing she did was pull off those very same heels. Those long hours, running to get to fittings, styling shoots and organising events are all mostly done in flats and now, even sneakers. The heels are left for special after-work events, if that.

The whole day is one big party

As much as tons of fashion reality shows have steered you to believe it is all one big party, the reality is far from that. Working in fashion means attending events all the time, covering them for social media and keeping up to date with all the information that is thrown at you to stay on top of the game. Working in fashion means working
all the time, even after the world has long gone to bed.