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  • Yago Goicoechea and Riccardo Audisio

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Their journey began in 2013 when, Yago Goicoechea, whose interest in fashion arose while in high school, and Riccardo Audisio, who developed his eye for fashion while spending a considerable amount of time in his mother’s store, put their collective creative genius together to found Taller Marmo. Sharon Carvalho speaks to the duo about inspiration and accolades

How did the two of you meet? Where did the idea to start the brand come from?

We met at school in Milan where we were studying fashion design. Two years later, we decided to drop out of school and move to Dubai to create Taller Marmo. The idea started because we realized all fashion brands were going crazy for marketing and communications instead of focusing on the quality of the pieces they were selling. We felt that real luxury was gone and we wanted to bring it back.

How did you’ll come up with the name?

We wanted to sum up in two words, everything the brand stands for. As an Argentinian, I wanted to choose a word in Spanish, so Taller, which means workshop, came to my mind, to indicate the experimentation and the research. Subsequently we chose Marmo, which means marble, as a metaphor for the timeless beauty and the luxury of the material.

How do you’ll split roles between the two?

Yago: It is quite difficult to explain because we go through each other’s work so it is not a written rule but, basically, I follow everything that happens in Dubai while Riccardo follows the operations in Italy, where our manufacturing is.

Who is the Taller Marmo woman?

We feel that in every Taller Marmo woman there is this tension between relaxed and reserved, easy and complicated. The Taller Marmo woman is complex in a fun way. We always say that she is comparable to Pedro Almodovar, the Spanish film director’s, woman. Because of that, we tried to follow them and create sleek and chic pieces with luxurious details like feathers, jacquards, silver buttons, so the clothes can represent them as much as possible.

Where do you’ll draw inspiration from?

We always get inspired by society women. We did collections based on Dalida, Peggy Guggenheim, Marchesa Casati, Farah Diba, Talitha Getty, Googoosh and many more beautiful women.

Tell us about winning the regional leg of the Woolmark Prize.

It was an overwhelming experience. Preparing the presentation takes months and lots of miles visiting factories, Merino wool insiders and fabric developers. Basically, we met a lot of people along the way. At the same time, the day spent with the judges flies by. You have to explain everything you’ve done in 15-20 minutes. It is absolutely a great honour to win the Woolmark Prize, as the initiative not only promotes a great natural fiber like Merino wool but also supports designers from all over the world. It creates that spirit of competition that pushes you to try to perfect your techniques.

What are your hopes for the brand?

We would hope that the brand continues to grow at a slow and steady pace. We would like to see Taller Marmo somehow bring women from all over the world together, especially those with similar ideologies about fashion, lifestyle and the quality of both.

What advice would you give to upcoming designers?

Be patient and build slowly


  • Celebrity you would love to dress
    Rossy De Palma
  • Fashion pet peeve
    Lack of attitude
  • Favourite ‘me time’ activity
    Watching super good or super lousy television
  • Must have in a woman’s wardrobe
    A kaftan