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Ethan K, renowned London-based luxury men’s and women’s accessory designer, collaborated with Bentley Singapore in October to create an exclusive limited edition Ethan K for Bentley collection, inspired by the fine quilting technique iconic of Bentley Mulliner styling.

Hailing from four generations of craftsman specializing in exotic tanning leathers, Singaporean designer Ethan Koh draws upon his unique family heritage in developing his own artistry. With a strong understanding of his craft and a deep appreciation of luxury, refinement and bespoke vision, Ethan creates exotic leather goods in rich, vibrant colours inspired by the fruits and flavours of Asia. Each piece is designed with love and individually handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring only the utmost quality for his discerning clientele.

Ethan K’s designs not only reflect his passion for his work and his appreciation for his customer’s requirements, but also act as a medium for creative expression, with each piece holding a story within it’s unique design.

Much like the world of Bentley Mulliner, anything is possible with Ethan K custom designs.