The Eternal Rose Story

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Beginning his journey with the world of business at a very young age, Ebraheem Al Samadi, Founder of Forever Rose, knew that having this flower, that symbolizes love and passion, stand the test of time would be a recipe for success. With an identity deeply rooted in romance and joy, the brand has come to be known as one that is a part of special moments forever. Sharon Carvalho speaks to the young entrepreneur

How did the idea for Forever Rose come about?
The idea was a part of an existing events company based in London, but when I first came across Forever Rose I was just blown away. We decided to purchase the concept. We saw great potential to launch it in the Middle East as a luxury gifting company, turning it into an incredible retail experience which ignites the senses. We considered it to be a fantastic fit for our market who love this type of beautiful and unique product. We launched our first store in Abu Dhabi in 2014 and have since expanded across the UAE, evolving the concept to include exclusive handmade Belgian chocolates, a Forever Oud men’s and women’s fragrance line and a newly launched line of stunning diamond jewellery. Ultimately, we are about creating magical memories that stand the test of time. We love being part of our clients’ important moments in life as a brand that cultivates love, joy and peace.

What challenges did you face with the brand and how did you overcome them?
One of our main challenges was keeping enough stock of our glass Bella domes in our production warehouse. We constantly sell out each month! So, what we do is ensure we always have one full order in production, which is at least three shipping containers, which are always at sea, on their way to Dubai. It means we are on a constant cycle of supply and can best mitigate against any shortage of product.

Why do the best roses come from Ecuador?
Ecuador is located on the equator in South America. Because of the volcanic mountains, the soil in the surrounding fields have been greatly enriched with nutrients that promote optimal growth of the roses, which grow up to five times larger than the standard rose and develop significantly thicker petals.

What is the secret behind Forever Rose?
A lot of people ask how it is possible for the Forever Rose to live for so long. The truth behind it is that the roses are treated with an all-natural enhancer when they are at their optimal bloom, allowing the roses to retain their natural beauty and poise for many years when kept inside the glass dome and not exposed to the elements.

Aesthetically speaking, what is the design process?
First of, we speak with all of the team members to find out what our customers are requesting and to understand what are the best selling and most popular products. Then we move to a sketch process in the  design studio where our Director of Design plays with different ideas and sources different materials. The next step in the production process is the finalisation of a very detailed sketch with specifications. This goes through production, then testing, and market research, after which we take the new product to its final launch in store.

If you were to create a bouquet for a bride, what would you keep in mind?
Light colours and something extremely glamorous, but functional at the same time. It is the brides most important day of her life and is important that she is comfortable and not carrying something obtrusive or
heavy, which only becomes an hindrance and a hassle! We also create identical bridal bouquets, one made with fresh roses and one made with Forever Roses. This allows the bride to have one she can toss at the
reception, and one she can then keep sacred behind a glass dome and admire for the rest of her life.

What are your future plans for the brand?
We are currently in our first phase of development, which entails the roll out of our boutiques across the GCC and into Europe. The second phase will be the very exciting launch of our cafes, after which we will move into the third phase wherein we will see the opening of our hotels. The first of which is planned to launch in Knightsbridge, London in 2018, followed by two additional properties in the Middle East.