Estee Lauder Introduces pleasures Florals

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Estee-Lauder-Introduces-pleasures-FloralsThe energy of nature in the summertime is one of life’s great pleasures. Experience a shift in mood—an uplifting spirit that arrives with the first vibrant, sun-soaked blossoms. Picture an urban flower shop, filled with clusters of colorful stems or a secret rooftop garden. It’s those surprising oases of green in the city that give you a sense of happiness and wonder. The power of flowers to lift us out of the doldrums of a long winter is nothing short of amazing.
Estée Lauder has captured the exhilaration and optimistic beauty of summer in its new, limited edition fragrance, pleasures Florals. Twenty years after the launch of its namesake, pleasures, a sheer, uplifting bouquet of lily, peony and jasmine, the original eau de parfum and the family of scents it has inspired continue to capture the imagination of women around the world. 
In this new expression, the fragrance opens with Naartjie mandarin—a tangy sparkle of citrus– — complimented by the juicy pulp of orange, capturing the scent of fruit that’s been warmed by sun and freshly picked from the tree. Delicate tagete blossoms balance the brightness of citrus with a crisp green aroma.
Uplifting honeysuckle, dewy water lily and jasmine combine in a playful way to form the heart of the fragrance. Two varietals of jasmine, the deeply dreamy and smooth jasmine sambac and the velvety petals of jasmine grandiflorum, add an unabashed and joyful femininity.
The final impression of pleasures Florals is a creamy mix of warm cedarwood, creamy Ambrox that’s reminiscent of blonde wood, and delicate musk. Simple but sophisticated, bold but still graceful, animated and urbane, pleasures Florals is the ultimate expression of a modern bouquet. 
NEW pleasures Florals will be available at Estée Lauder counters across the Middle East beginning August 2015.