Dress Code : Appropriate

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The fact that we spend most of our waking hours at the office is not new. Between that, the hours spent in traffic and the various events we go to, how we appear on the outside becomes a reflection of who we are. And even with the introduction of casual Thursdays, we still have to follow a particular dress code on the rest of the days. And despite being bestowed with the proper protocol, it is hard to know exactly where the boundaries of work appropriate and inappropriate lie. Shweta Bhatia delves into the world of executive power dressing to find out how appearance plays an important role in the success of your career and the many fashion faux pas that should be on permanent ‘Out of Office’ mode

No matter how rushed you are in the morning, make sure that you have time to dry out your drenched locks. Arriving to work with wet hair shows the world that you are disorganized with your time management and that you are not ready for work yet. So, turn back those alarm clocks by fifteen minutes and use that dryer.

Inappropriate dressing is not only distracting but also gives the wrong impression. Keep your skirts no more than two inches above the knee, if that is the outfit of the day. Displaying too much skin can also be a reason to sabotage your career. Visible lingerie is also a point that doesn’t need to be made. Nothing is classier than a woman who can work her outfit by keeping it under wraps.

Not wearing any makeup means you don’t take yourself seriously. But wearing too much means that you don’t take your work seriously. Try not to overdo it. You don’t want it to appear as if a wedding was in the vicinity and you just happened to drop in to work. Save the smoky eyes and dark hues on the lips for the weekend night out.

Not too loose and not too tight. Keep the fit of your clothes right. This is the mantra you should recite when choosing your outfit in the morning.

No one wants his or her olfactory senses destroyed. It is important to keep yourself clean and body odour is one of the first things that need to be tended to. In this city, where our locals leave a tantalizing trail of scent behind them, you don’t want to stand out with a distinct smell. Also, keep mints in your drawer to combat bad breath.

If heels are not your thing, then you can wear ballet pumps or maybe look at wearing flat sandals with a back strap that can make it look a little formal. But, slip ons or slippers just kill the professional look instantly. It says that it takes a whole of eight seconds for a person to notice everything about you when they first meet you and one of the first things they notice is your footwear.

Has it come time for you to thread your eyebrows? Are you long overdue for that wax appointment? Under the impression that your chipped nail paint has not been spotted by the person you are talking to? Guess what? Pop! Just burst that bubble! Please don’t ignore your beauty appointments. To have regular manicures, clean limbs and no unibrow is a good idea when you are amongst professionals.

Clothes that you wear to work must mean business. If your job allows you to dress up in bright hues, keep the colors solid and stay away from fluorescents. Save the sequins and sparkles for parties and dinners. You don’t want to be a disco ball in the middle of greys, blacks and blues.

So, you like to express yourself and decided to ink an entire sleeve or lower back. That’s brilliant! But if you work in a serious office environment, it would be advisable to keep the artwork under wraps during office hours. As sad as it is, the common perception people have is that you probably are a wild child and aren’t very serious about life. Also, when meeting clients, it forms a very different opinion of the company that you represent.