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A rose with an extraordinary power of regeneration and perfection.

The exceptional duo for rose-petal skin
Every day, Dior Prestige Le Nectar and La Crème – Texture Essentielle act in complementarity to perfect the skin and give it the delicateness, plumpness and velvety texture of a freshly blossomed rose.

Le Nectar, the ultimate cell regenerator
Its watery texture has a fusion effect and infiltrates down to the heart of the skin. Twice as concentrated in the Rose de Granville Nectar, super powerful and ultra regenerative, the new Nectar rebuilds a harmonious “cell architecture” system deep within the skin, giving it a solid framework.

La Crème – Texture Essentielle, rose-petal perfection
Inside its jar, the soft and creamy texture entices its luscious application. With an incredibly melt-in feel, it glides beneath your fingertips across the skin, inviting you to infinitely prolong each movement. Its cocooning texture envelops the face in ultimate comfort.

Taking the necessary time to develop great luxury skincare is the new Dior Prestige sensory signature.