Dior Presents: Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Teaser

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A sensual close-up shot runs down from her neck to her legs…

Casting a steamy glance, she arches her body in a slow, languid stretch.

Janis Joplin sings a heart-rending song of love.

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming is the new fragrance of an even wilder, sexier heroine.

Absolutely on fire.

Natalie Portman is an absolutely irresistible Miss Dior.

Zooms sensuels sur sa nuque, ses jambes…

Elle s’étire langoureusement, s’alanguit, lance une œillade torride.

Janis Joplin chante sa rage d’aimer.

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, la nouvelle fragrance d’une héroïne encore plus sauvage, encore plus sexy.

Absolument incendiaire.

Natalie Portman est une Miss Dior absolument irrésistible