Dior Presents: Hydra Life

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  • Hydralife Jelly Sleep Mask

  • Hydralife Water BB010

  • Hydralife Water BB020

Hydra Life turns hydration into a delightful experience.

Now, women want everything, instantly. They seek fun, effectiveness and technology. They are the generation Y girls that live online.
It is for these women that Dior has reinvented Hydra Life, offering a complete skincare ritual delivering 100% pleasure.

Inspired by the “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) philosophy, Hydra Life makes skin hydration an action
that is just as fun and as simple as posting a photo on a social network.

In this spirit, Dior presents three new skincare products as part of the Hydra Life universe: the Jelly Sleeping Mask, a plumping, ultra-fresh nighttime sleeping mask, Water BB, a feather-light tinted aqua-gel that comes to life when shaken, and an intensely rehydrating “one shot” masks to take with you anywhere.

Hydra Life has made hydration just as much a game as it is a reflex.