Dinner at Galito’s

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  • Galitos Bay Square Interior

  • Galitos Bay Square Interior

Craving a well-grilled delicious chicken dish? The answer to your question stops at Galito’s. The aroma of well flamed chicken with the ingredients and sauces provided here pull you up to the doors of Galito’s for a Quick Brunch or an Evening Dinner. And with their ‘Order-For-a-Quick-Bite’ policy, you kill your hunger just that extra quick.

Exploring Galito’s started with my family and I reaching their doorsteps to a quiet ambience and smiling staff welcoming us. The restaurant manager Mr. Raghav guided us through to our dinner table. The menu held everything a chicken-lover could wish for. From starters that included peri-peri munches to the Galito’s special, Combotada that gives you an extra bang bite for that extra buck.

The exclusive taste of Chicken Sataye, that was juicy chicken dipped in peanut sauce, just made us crave for more. The beautiful taste and creamy chicken had us wishing the dish never ended. And for those that do not like to eat chicken as a whole, they may opt from the wide range of burgers and platters provided.

Chicken marinated for 24 hours with special natural ingredients to serve the customers the extra bit of taste and satisfaction, is what Galito’s do with their Special Galito’s Peri Peri Chicken Menu. We even had a vegetarian at our table and she wasn’t let down at all! She was delighted with Galito’s veggie menu and the dishes were served with delicious fresh green salad along with a tasty mushroom rice for a delightful experience. The manager also provided us with a custom made vegetarian dish on garlic bread that is usually served with chicken.

As for the desserts, Sweetness Guaranteed is the motto here. The one striking factor for Galito’s is customer satisfaction that is proven with the fact that the manager visits you for feedback or suggestions. Dubai welcomes Galito’s with open arms, as it’s a very good opportunity for the food loving citizens to indulge in a different bite with well-flamed chicken delicacies.

By Sreena Biju