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The relationship between mother and daughter is at the core of Kristina Fidelskaya’s creations. Whether it is between her and her mother, through whom she found her biggest form of inspiration, or her and her children, through whom she learnt patience and devotion. “She taught me how to sew, to put my inspirations and ideas to pen and paper as well as to channel my creativity,” she says. Sharon Carvalho speaks to the mother of two who would have turned to photography, had she not been able to pursue her dream of being a designer

How did your journey with fashion begin?
My journey with fashion started at a young age when I used to watch my mother create beautiful hand-made pieces. She taught me about tailored cuts, the flexibility of fabric and colour combinations. As I grew up, I kept my eye on renowned designers so I could follow their journey with fashion and be inspired by it. Once my children grew up, I attended ESMOD in Dubai to study fashion and was motivated by my husband to pursue my dream of starting my own label.

What is your design process?
I have a pretty whimsical design process. To start off, I look inwards for inspiration and I imagine what I would like to wear next season. I basically place myself in my client’s shoes. I start with some rough sketches to give the idea some form. Sometimes, a certain fabric inspires the sketch or one pantone colour leads me to sketch a particular cut and shape. I have learned that there isn’t a cookie-cutter design process. It is more of a fluid and flexible evolution.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
I find inspiration everywhere, from my surroundings to my mood. I find that there is no end to the creative process and that it is ongoing and constant. The modern contemporary woman also plays a role in inspiring my designs, the woman who sees fashion as a form of self-expression. The designs tailoring and structure promote versatility and functionality with a touch of chic and elegance.

Who is the Kristina Fidelskaya woman?
The Kristina Fidelskaya woman is a strong, confident woman who maintains her femininity and elegance. She is the woman we all aspire to be in the sense of having great fashion sense, being goal-driven and who is simply inspirational.

What are your plans for your brand?
My future plans are a mix of expansion and targeted ideas. In March, my upcoming AW16 collection will showcase at a showroom in Paris during Paris Fashion Week and I will also be launching a capsule Ramadan collection exclusively for this region. I would also like to take part in some regional fashion shows. I will be also be showcasing in London and Australia soon.

What have you discovered about yourself since launching the fashion line?
I have discovered that I am more patient than I give myself credit. I know that being a parent means having more patience but now I have patience when it comes to myself and to my ideas and creations.


Fashion pet peeve
The trend of unisex clothing. I love feminine cuts on women rather than the shapeless typical masculineinspired looks.

Five wardrobe must haves
A dress coat, a tailored blazer, a little black dress, a little white dress and a jumpsuit.

Favorite ‘me time’ activity
I love running. It helps me clear my mind and set goals for myself.

Celebrity you would love to dress
I would love to dress Amal Clooney. She is a true powerhouse of a woman.