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As the Operations Director of 2XL Furniture and Home Décor, Asif Rais brings over 24 years of experience to the table. As one of the veterans among the furniture and home décor industry in the region, he defines business plans and implements policies established for the brand. Sharon Carvalho speaks to the retail professional about current and future interior design trends

Tell us about Summer 2016 interior design trends.
Summer 2016 design trends are centered on simplicity and serenity. The colours used are warm and visually calming and are complemented by natural textures and soft shapes of furniture and artifact. Customised, unique furniture designs are what customers are looking for.

What does 2XL have to offer for the Holy Month of Ramadan?
Ramadan is a time when families and friends get together; and Iftar and Suhour are an important part of this holy month. We have introduced new sets of cutlery and luxurious dining furniture sets made of mahogany with cream velvet seats for this season. All our collections cater to the customer with fine taste.

What are your thoughts on interior design trends in this country?
Interior design trends are more focused on one-of-a kind, creative and unique pieces. That is one reason why we prefer to make unique statement pieces, rather than mass producing similar designs. Customers who shop with us know they are getting exclusive design pieces that make their home a sanctuary like no other.

Is there a particular furniture trend that you foresee for the coming season?
Furniture that feature creative and unique designs and promise exclusivity is leading among the trends for the coming season.

What were your thoughts on the Femina ME Women Awards 2016?
It is a superb initiative by Femina Middle East to recognize the efforts of leading women in the region from various fields. Such recognitions will inspire many more women to excel in different spheres of life.

About 2XL Furniture and Home Décor:
2XL Furniture & Home Décor is a retailer of luxury home furnishings in the UAE since 2000. The retailer currently has six showrooms across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain, with plans of opening two more stores in the near future. The 2XL product range includes exclusive bedroom, living and dining room furniture as well as exquisitely crafted décor items, unique gifting ideas, plush rugs and gorgeous wall art, divine bed and bath linen, eye-catching tableware, and a fun, functional kitchenware range. 2XL Furniture & Home Décor belongs to a unique market niche. The brand belongs to the ‘luxury’ category, yet it offers a range that is unmatched by its competition. The 2XL range is very classic and French-inspired. Each retail item has been carefully chosen exclusively for 2XL and denotes a lifestyle that is regal, sophisticated and of a finer taste. It has something to suit every home setting – from ornate gold-plated bedroom settings to the more subdued Parisian hues of shabby chic, quirky contemporary inspirations to more ethnic Eastern-inspired décor ideas.