Daniel Bauer

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Celebrity Makeup Artist

Born in Australia and brought up in Germany, Daniel Bauer comes from a family of people who live in all different parts of the world.The fascination with makeup started at a very early age,observing the women from his family to begin with. He says, “My dad is German,my mom is Thai, my grandfather-Indian,my grandmother-Chinese and my greatgrandfather is Malaysian. As a kid I was always fascinated at how different all my aunties looked, all living across the four corners of the world.”

After leaving college Daniel went to study as a psychiatric nurse for three years. After graduating and working as a nurse, he was introduced to a lady named Rosemary Schneider. “At the time I didn’t know, but she ran and still does run a very famous makeup and hair academy,” he says. “She selects eight students a year. She invited me to a meeting at her academy. In the meeting she showed me eyeliner and asked me if I knew what it was and I said that I didn’t. The following day she offered me a place at her academy. To this day I still don’t know why she accepted me.” For the first year, Daniel worked as a nurse during the day and went to the academy at night. What he learned in the academy the night before, he would practice on the patients. Watching their behavior change drastically after doing their makeup, touched him. “So after a year of balancing both jobs, I left the nurses uniform at home and picked up some makeup brushes instead. The rest…it just happened,” he says.

To him, beauty is confidence. The ability to not be tied to one look, the confidence to be yourself, to flaunt your personality and to innately recognize what is beauty and what is not. “I find all strong women beautiful,be they with or without makeup,” he says.“Makeup is only the icing on the cake, the good stuff is inside. Makeup can’t make anyone beautiful or offer two glorious hours of self-assurance. It can, however, change how you feel about yourself. But when you remove the makeup, who are you?” His ideal muse is one with good bone structure and plain features. He believes that when a face has strong eyes, lips or cheeks, makeup needs to work harder to achieve the look you want.

Daniel believes he has been very fortunate to work with several Bollywood stars including Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut,Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone. What are his plans for international exposure? “India is my home, and Asia is where I plan to stay,” he says. Doing what I did in the past five years for the next five years, feels like repeating myself. I think I’m going to probably set up a training academy and hopefully launching a makeup line. I’m really excited! The opportunities are firmly in the Middle East and Asia.I’m looking forward to my participation in the BRIDE Dubai in March 2015, where I’ll hosting some really engaging workshops, talks and demonstration which will no doubt open up many exciting opportunities in the Middle East.”