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Interior designer and activist Sonali Purewal recently won a Public Interest Litigation against animal sacrifice in Himachal Pradesh. This founder of an animal shelter in Kasauli talks to Shilpa Sharma about why more of us need to speak up for those who can’t

The slaughter of more than 5,000 buffaloes at the Gadhimai Hindu festival, which takes place every five years, in Nepal, drew global condemnation. Devotees believe that the event brings good luck and helps fulfill their wishes. Several organisations have been working to stop this mass slaughter without much success. Then, a ray of hope shone through. Sonali Purewal hopes to help animals across the country in the future. “There is nothing nobler than being human. This is the basis of the PIL. The judgement we got was stupendous, and it’s a major victory for our state and for the country,” she states.

Sonali had also filed a PIL against animal fighting in Himachal. As a result, the High Court imposed a complete ban on all types of buffalo and bull fights in the hill state recently. Raising funds, however, has always been a challenge. Sonali says animal rescue work is often at the bottom of the donation food chain. She funds her shelter through her interior design work in Delhi.