Coach Opens Their Soho Varsity Shop In New York

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Last week, Coach unveiled a special concept in downtown Manhattan, The Soho Varsity Shop. The brand’s Soho store, located at 143 Prince Street, has become a varsity “universe,” with over two dozen one-of-a-kind Coach Varsity jackets as well as an array of glovetanned leather handbags. Each was designed and customized in Coach’s workshop in New York City.

Coach Soho has also been reworked, with ad hoc and texture-rich wall murals featuring graphics from the varsity-inspired Fall 2016 collection. Neon signs featuring Rexy, Coach’s now-iconic dino mascot, light up the unique and rare jackets in the store windows.

The varsity jacket has become a hallmark of the Coach 1941 aesthetic, and is always worn with swagger — the Coach girl wears hers to signify her lifestyle and “gang.” Each bespoke piece on display is different, with individually sourced vintage patches, hand-applied embroidery and hardware or hand-placed pins. The result is a very special and rare collection that reflects a love of American nostalgia, but with a contemporary attitude. Sometimes oversized, sometimes shrunken in proportion, the personal and unique embellishments signify allegiance— and being part of the team.

Creative Director, Stuart Vevers says, “I have always loved American iconography and the concept of varsity – but wanted to bring something new, with toughness and attitude. These rare jackets are incredibly special in terms of their unique customization, and are really close to the heart of what Coach stands for — individuality, character and effortless style.”