CINDY CHAO – THE ART JEWEL Four Seasons Collection: Ruby Rose Earrings & Brooch

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CINDY CHAO – THE ART JEWEL unveils the latest Black Label Masterpiece from its Four Seasons Collection, the Ruby Rose Earrings and Brooch set. This collection is a re-interpretation of the 2015 No.X “Mystere de la nuit” Sapphire Rose Petal Earrings. The ruby encrusted earrings and brooches were originally created for Ziyi Zhang’s custom-made gown by Carolina Herrara which she wore at the 2015 Met Gala. When shown a sketch of Ziyi Zhang’s gown, renowned artist Cindy Chao envisioned an image of “crimson rose petals drifting in the wind, and gracefully falling on snow-covered ground.”

The essential idea was to evoke an interactive experience in wearing brooches – the wearer is encouraged to devise her own story and mood through the placement of the rose petals. Accentuating the center diamonds, eight gradients of rubies were skillfully paved to mirror velvety and soft texture of real rose petals. The extraordinarily vivid color combination of bold ruby petals and yellow lacquered pistils resembled the natural colors found in red rose; on the other hand, the use of specially oxidized silver base and yellow gold tracing the silhouette at the back of the petals produced a surreal sense of allure and elegance.