Real women

Clicking For Change


It began in 2014 when Bojana Novakovic meet the Seven Summits Women Team to plan a trek, where she formed a bond with Maya Gurung and Shailee Basnet. Following the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015, the three women decided to devote their time and effort to rebuilding the infrastructure of Maya’s home village…

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The World’s Best Teacher


It is not everyday that you are privileged to learn from the world’s best teacher. Yasmeen Maqbool sits through a class with Hanan Al Hroub, 2016 Global Teacher Prize Winner to know of her life’s lessons. One amongst the many incredible teachers from across the globe, she has overcome adversity to have a profound impact…

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Unstoppable in Nurturing Young Minds Her Excellency Sheikha Jawaher Abdulla Al Qasimi Director, FUNN (Sharjah Media Art for Youth and Children) & Director, Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival Her Excellency Sheikha Jawaher Abdulla Al Qassimi took her passion for language and the arts, her critical thinking and creativity to FUNN, Sharjah Media Arts for Youth…

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Not Just a Feminazi


At the age of 11, Emma Watson went from being an ordinary little girl to a household name. The cause for the transition? Landing the lead role to play the brave, intelligent and adorable best friend, Hermione Granger, to the young wizard, Harry Potter, in the worldwide phenomena that was the series of films based…

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A Spot of Light


HE Dr Maryam Matar, founder of the UAE Genetics Diseases Association is a lady of many talents. A scientist, humanitarian, daughter, wife and mother, she has also held many prestigious positions including being the youngest Undersecretary at the Ministry of Health and helped propel and implement the law that makes it mandatory for all marrying…

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Stitching an Indian story


This is a story of how Reemaben Nanavati devised a way to cut across caste, community and faith lines to bring stunning Indian crafts to the market. Shivli Tyagi met the force at the helm of SEWA, one of the biggest and oldest trade unions of its kind in the world It was a day-trip…

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Star Struck


The first Pakistani woman in space and the first South Asian space tourist, Namira Salim, is also the recipient of the Femina Middle East Women Awards 2016 for being Unstoppable in the field of Space Exploration. With her achievements that include conquering the Poles, she shares her story with Yasmeen Maqbool In her quest to…

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As Real as Rihanna


The odds against her would have discouraged a lesser woman. Channeling the emotion that came with a childhood full of struggle, pain, abuse, poverty and illness, it was impossible to look away from the young Barbadian when she sang. Her image veered between that of a club-hopping wild child to being the poster child for…

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Returning to the Roots


Not everyone feels a connection with his or her cultural heritage, as Professor Rafia Obaid Ghubash, Founder, ‘Women’s Museum’, a first in the Emirates and the Arab region, does. She tells Yasmeen Maqbool how by glimpsing backwards, we learn to know ourselves better and move forward From 1819, when Emirati women fought alongside their men,…

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I’M a Sensitive Politician


They called her a sari-draper to ridicule her, but that didn’t affect one-time designer Shaina NC, one of the most powerful politicos in the country today. She tells Reema Behl how she learned her lessons and why she is here to stay As I waited for Shaina NC to meet me at her place, located…

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Inspirational Women in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Around the World

The importance of a woman’s role in society, politics, education, and business has garnered growing recognition and emphasis in recent years.

Femina Middle East magazine continues to carry the torch of women empowerment and strives to keep the fire of this movement burning by turning the spotlight on stories of real women who are furthering female empowerment locally and abroad, from successful entrepreneurs to influencers.

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The creative and analytical minds from Saffron Media Works work relentlessly on finding and sharing stories of women empowerment in Dubai, the UAE, Middle East, and overseas to serve as a beacon of inspiration for other members of the female population.

Femina Middle East features the life of successful business women, female artists, musicians, educators, and other professionals and personalities who embody the modern empowered woman in Dubai, the UAE, Middle East and abroad.

Saffron Media Works publishes articles on the life of these successful, accomplished women entrepreneurs and business professionals to inspire ladies from all walks of life – young or experienced, single or married, working or staying at home.

We understand the challenges that the contemporary female population face every day, and that is why we want to provide them with a medium where they can draw courage, empowerment, and aspiration to bring about change in their lives and influence the people around them.

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In addition to features about women entrepreneurs, Femina MidEast also includes the latest updates on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and other issues that the modern woman in Dubai ,UAE, Middle East can relate to.

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