Real women

No Stopping Now


Sania Mirza, the reigning world champion of women’s doubles tennis,recently received the country’s third highest civilian honour and is wrapping up her autobiography. She speaks to Anindita Ghosh To say that Sania Mirza is the golden girl of Indian sport is no overstatement. Nothing gets in the way of her drive, not injuries, not controversies,…

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A Beautiful Cause


Kawthar Makahlah Al Shamsi is the embodiment of the spirit of empowerment. And with the establishment of the biggest day spa in the world, in 2002, she found a way to cater to the fast lifestyle of the working woman while enriching the lives of those that she met. Sharon Carvalho speaks to this unstoppable…

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The Warrior Race


It is a word they exorcised long ago. A word once feared and dreaded. To these women, cancer is relegated to the lower ranks – banished to the gallows. And treated as nothing more important than a monthly period, a cold, a temporary illness. That very attitude starts this battle that is won at the…

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Captain Incredible


Mithali Raj is not only India’s most successful cricket captain, but also a strong voice seeking to give the game its due. By Anupama Bijur When Mithali Raj walks in with her team of women in blue, she’s hard to spot. You’ve seen her on TV but not often enough. The Indian women’s cricket team…

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What Drives You?


A few years ago Maryam Al Saffar stood in front of her father to convince him to let her drive a car. A protective dad and a former air force pilot, he was hesitant to permit women in his family to drive an automobile. Maryam not only won her first battle, she went on to…

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The Kenyan Queen of the Silver Screen


It began in 2013, with 12 Years a Slave, a performance that blew the critics away. As Patsey, a slave who worked alongside lead character, Solomon Northup, in Steve McQueen’s historical drama, Lupita Nyong’o’s breakthrough role met rave reviews. In the three years since, the talented actress, who has a self-proclaimed competitive streak, has not…

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Fashioning Change


As part of a generation marked by war, Sarah Beydoun, who grew up in Beirut, had to constantly move from one place to another to avoid the areas of conflict in her country. But being raised by an exceptional woman, her mother, encouraged her to believe in herself. Since then, Sarah has donned many hats. Asa…

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Warrior Princess


Shaikha Al Qassemi joins the league of Crossfit and Weightlifting athletes who find gain in pain. She shares with Yasmeen Maqbool what makes her unstoppable in her choice of career and passion Beneath her flawless skin and a physique that is a little over 5 feet, lives a spirited 27-year-old Emirati girl who is building on…

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Survivor Speaking


Neelam Kumar has battled cancer, twice. ‘So what?’ she said, and wrote the first funny book on the subject. Reema Behl met the fighter Neelam Kumar, 58, wrote these lines when she discovered that her cancer had returned for the second time. The Mumbai resident, who is the author of ‘India’s first humourous book on…

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Live, Love, Laugh


Ruling the Bollyood marquee and on her way to make a Hollywood debut with xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, Deepika Padukone is not just a pretty actress but a powerhouse of talent. She’s been one of the few in her league to have opened up about issues usually swept under the carpet – mental…

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The importance of a woman’s role in society, politics, education, and business has garnered growing recognition and emphasis in recent years.

Femina Middle East magazine continues to carry the torch of women empowerment and strives to keep the fire of this movement burning by turning the spotlight on stories of real women who are furthering female empowerment locally and abroad, from successful entrepreneurs to influencers.

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