Real women



Parisian born Shourouk took the jewellery world by storm with her eponymous label in 2008. She speaks to Sharon Carvalho about inspiration, design and contemporary aesthetics How would you define yourself? In one sentence, a globe-trotter that likes bling a little too much! I would say that my love affair with jewellery began early. During…

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The Last Laugh


Life is fair for some. Our attitude defines how we take it on. Maysoon Zayid, a Palestinian from New Jersey, an actor, stand-up comedian, writer, tap-dancer, a cat loving Twitter addict and an activist with cerebral palsy chooses to defy convention and change opinion. Her fierce sense of humour makes her one of America’s first…

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Belladonna: Monica Bellucci at 50


She grew up an Umbrian country girl with an insatiable appetite for international success. Her lottery-winning combination of Italian genes, on-screen presence and chameleon-like ability to transform from a bride of Dracula to a nun to a devoted wife of an Iranian revolutionary has placed the beauty in a league of her own. Her next…

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Fashion is an Attitude


What happens when you’re a feisty 29-year-old who has a movement disorder, yet fashion, food and the arts take center stage in your life? “I’m not attempting to portray a negative image of living with cerebral palsy. Honesty is vital and I do not wish to create a rosy image because that would be wrong,”…

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Inspirational Women in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Around the World

The importance of a woman’s role in society, politics, education, and business has garnered growing recognition and emphasis in recent years.

Femina Middle East magazine continues to carry the torch of women empowerment and strives to keep the fire of this movement burning by turning the spotlight on stories of real women who are furthering female empowerment locally and abroad, from successful entrepreneurs to influencers.

Stories of Successful Business Women and More

The creative and analytical minds from Saffron Media Works work relentlessly on finding and sharing stories of women empowerment in Dubai, the UAE, Middle East, and overseas to serve as a beacon of inspiration for other members of the female population.

Femina Middle East features the life of successful business women, female artists, musicians, educators, and other professionals and personalities who embody the modern empowered woman in Dubai, the UAE, Middle East and abroad.

Saffron Media Works publishes articles on the life of these successful, accomplished women entrepreneurs and business professionals to inspire ladies from all walks of life – young or experienced, single or married, working or staying at home.

We understand the challenges that the contemporary female population face every day, and that is why we want to provide them with a medium where they can draw courage, empowerment, and aspiration to bring about change in their lives and influence the people around them.

Specially for the Female Audience

In addition to features about women entrepreneurs, Femina MidEast also includes the latest updates on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and other issues that the modern woman in Dubai ,UAE, Middle East can relate to.

Essentially, we work to bring the most useful and practical information within the reach of the members of the female population – entrepreneurs, professionals, students, homemakers, and more – and give them the power to decide and live the life they want to lead.

If you want to know more about our stories, you may explore our website for previously published articles. You may also follow us on social media to get the latest updates on our stories, features, and events.