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The FoMo Attack

Do you feel that you missed out on an out-of-the world adventure when you see a picture of your gang of friends pose against the background of the Swiss Alps? Or a snorkeling trip they took in New Zealand? Did two of them hike their way up to see The Valley of Flowers in India?…

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The Wallflower Syndrome

December is here my friends and the party season is upon us. The festive cheer and excitement can be felt in the air and it pleases all of us… or does it? Here’s a little bit of a secret; there are some among us, as rare as they might be, who do not like the…

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Are You Judged By How You Look?

Being judged by another is an unpleasant experience. Especially if it has happened solely based on appearance. Sharon Carvalho discuss how some overcome it with aplomb TO READ MORE …….. SUBSCRIBE TO FEMINA MIDDLE EAST

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