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Life’s a Party

At the age of 20, Taylor Swift became the youngest singer to snap up a Grammy for ‘Album of the Year’ for her record ‘Fearless’. Since then, this Pennsylvania born pop star has become one of the most familiar faces on the Billboard Charts. With beauty, drive, talent and her ‘Swift Squad’ on her side,…

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Starry Eyed ROMANCES

There are some people you would be hard pressed not to like, they are funny, talented, good- looking and entirely approachable. Anne Hathaway fits that bill on every quality, and much more. The big, beguiling brown eyes, porcelain skin, nose, a bit long and wide, full mouth that breaks into a warm, inviting smile draws…

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Gigi Hadid’s first modeling gig was for Baby GUESS in the early nineties. Although barely talking at the time, she cemented herself in the conscience of the zeitgeist. After taking more than a decade-long hiatus to focus on school and typical extracurricular activities, Hadid, 20, returned to her roots and has become a sensation in…

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