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Women at The Helm

It takes guts and gumption to forge your own path. But for these women, making the hard calls is all in a day’s work. Yasmeen Maqbool and Sharon Carvalho sat down with some of the most powerful women in the country to find out what it takes to run your own business

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The Warrior Race

It is a word they exorcised long ago. A word once feared and dreaded. To these women, cancer is relegated to the lower ranks – banished to the gallows. And treated as nothing more important than a monthly period, a cold, a temporary illness. That very attitude starts this battle that is won at the…

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The Awardees

Over the past two years, Femina Middle East has, within its pages, profiled some of the most outstanding women from the region. And to celebrate their indomitable spirit, we hosted the first ever Femina Middle East Women Awards 2016 in the region. The night was about honouring 18 unstoppable women. Women who have bent and…

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The Power of Art

Painting, performance or prose- art and it’s many forms inject a shot of courage and bravery into the artist. It takes grit and gumption to bare your soul and be judged for your work. But who are the faces that create these wonders? We talk to those that have mastered the arts and carved a…

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The Blogger Brigade

They access an audience in digital captivity that log on every day to read what they write. They have revolutionised the realm of storytelling and they claim that it’s just for fun. Fuelled with thoughts, dared with expression, donning new looks and wearing the right attitude, these new age fashion gurus mean serious business. Whatever…

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